January 10, 2010

Welcome to what I thought Day 1 would be. I was really excited to get started. My check was suppose to come in the mail and I was going to go to Dick’s and get some kick ass running shoes but of course my check did not come. So this whole day was just a huge dissapointment. I slept till like noon woke up and looked for the mail. After I figured out the check wasn’t there I went and did nothing the whole day I am so dissapointed in myself. Want to know what makes me the most depressed. My lunch or dinner or whatever it was. A pound of cooked hamburger meat and some popcorn shrimp. My parents went to go see Sherlock Holmes and I stayed at home dooing… nothing. So it started of bad but I will be better. Maybe not tomorrow but I will promise that on Monday you will have a reply that is definitely the start of my ‘transformation’.

I realized that I have to have a time to end this. The day that I need to look at myself in the mirror and think that I really have changed in every aspect. I decided that it will be when the braces come off. Which gives me a year and a half to change. I don’t know exactly when that is but I definitely will let you know once I know.

And now with heartburn that kills and depression  I will say goodbye till Monday. So

Goodbye to you and Goodbye to me,


Evening Governor

January 8, 2010

Hello people of the blogging world my name is Jason and I decided to start one of these to see if anyone would listen. I was reading soething online on what you need to start a blog and the website I looked at said that the most important thing to have is a main topic that I will be blogging about. After many hours of thinking I decided that it was going to be about the renewal of my life. You see I am actually a high school dropout that in the end actually had to get a GED. I spend most of my days wallowing in self pity on how much my life sucks but I never did anything about it. I just got done with working at a local ice rink where I thought I became friends with the two managers there who are only a year older than me but it turns out I was just a temporary friend while they were here on the job. It really got me thinking though. All my life I have always had temporary friends. Whether they were new and didnt know anyone and I took them in. Or they got in a fight with their other friends. But it never lasted.

You should also know that I am skinny but very out of shape, I want to be a big shot director, I have seen every Kristen Stewart movie the day they came out since she was in Zathura, and I just got braces on 2 days ago because I have absolutely horrible teeth. So this blog will be about alot of things. It will be about

#1- finding atleast 1 long term friend other than the 2 I already have. Preferably a guy because the other two are girls.

#2- definitely working out more. I cant drive but I will try and get myself to ride the bus to the gym at the rec center.

#3- Find a job so I can get money to move to California.

#4- basically create a new and better me. I am not attractive whatsoever which doesnt help with the friends thing but I will try hard.

And if there are any of you out there that do plan on staying with me through this please let me know. It would definitely help inspire. So for the first time out of hopefully many.

Goodbye to you and goodbye to me,



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